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KSI Commercial Roofing Houston provides outstanding commercial roofing services with years of experience. We offer roof replacement, installation, and the application of roof coatings. If you’re only in need of some repairs or maintenance, we’re happy to help with the upkeep of your apartments, offices, churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, or any other facilities. We are equipped with everything you need to ensure you have a well installed, long-lasting, and aesthetically-pleasing roof for your building. We deliver top-notch results without sacrificing quality, meaning that the roof you get from us will be durable and safe. Our Houston commercial roofing teams are ready to deliver exceptional results quickly, minimizing the disruption to your business.

Commercial Roofing Services

Roof Installation

KSI Commercial Roofing Houston stays up to date on the latest roofing techniques and materials in the industry to ensure you get the best services throughout your roof installation process. We install roofing in a wide variety of materials to provide multiple options for our clients individual needs.  

Our commercial roofing installation process varies depending on the current condition, materials, and many other factors of your roof. Our Houston commercial roofers will provide suggestions on which system best suits your buildings size and type of roof, along with your budget. 

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Flat Roof Replacement

If your roof is inching closer to the end of its lifespan, the better course of action, in the long run, will be to replace it. Replacing your roof early will save you hefty losses and repair costs to the interior of the building and foundation. What’s more, any storm will send it over the edge, making roof repair services your best choice at this point.

Your roof is most likely the most valuable part of your building. Thanks to it, you can rest assured that your business assets and personnel are kept safe from the elements and any debris in the surrounding. Therefore, if you are looking for commercial roofing or flat roof replacement Houston services, KSI roofing is your best choice. We shall install, repair, restore, or replace your roof to ensure maximum structural integrity, durability, and value for your money. Our commercial roofing Houston TX experts are happy to assess your premises and implement your vision as per your budget and specifications. Call our dedicated customer support desk for more information.

Roof Restoration

Your roof is exposed to the elements every day, and the older your roof gets, the higher the likelihood that it will start to fail. Roof restoration is one of the least expensive approaches to repairing a failing roof, which is reputed for its ability to extend the life of roofing materials, boost energy-saving abilities, and save costs. If your roof is only mildly damaged and is fairly new, you do not have to have it replaced. To determine whether your roof needs replacing or restoring, we shall inspect the facility first using specialized equipment. If your roof can be salvaged using restoration, we shall apply an elastomeric layer to the top membrane to boost its resistance to water and other weather elements. 

Flat Roof Repair

If your roof is starting to leak water or show other signs of damage such as peeling paint or buckling, then you need professional commercial roof repair Houston services. Your roof ensures your protection from the elements, and nothing steals peace of mind than a leaky or structurally compromised roof. You can rely on our flat roof repair Houston company for an immediate response and repair services for any kind of roofing material experiencing signs of damage.

Houston Commercial Roofing Systems

Hot Tar Roof

If you want your commercial roofing tarred, call on our reliable commercial roof repair Houston services. We install, troubleshoot, and repair hot tar roofs, and have the equipment to ensure that the hazardous material is delivered safely to the top of your building. Hot tarred roofs typically last 30 years.

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

If you have a flat roof that sees a lot of foot traffic, then this is the roofing material or system you are looking for. Built-up roofing has been in existence for years, roofing many homes and commercial buildings in the US. As its name suggests, BUR is essentially layer upon layer of bitumen and tar, glued together with felt material up to a 4-ply system. The top is then spread with gravel or mineral particulates. This roofing system should last 20-25 years, and you can count on our flat roof replacement Houston experts for troubleshooting and replacement.

Houston Metal Roof

Commercial metal roofing is a common and cost-effective choice for clients roofing industrial buildings and warehouses. Our metal roofing comes in panels or sheets made of aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum-zinc-silicone alloys, thus offering a wide selection. Metal is preferred for its durability (up to 60 years), lightweight nature, and neutral aesthetics.

PVC Roof

PVC, just like in guttering, is a valuable roofing material for its robustness. PVC is strong against strong, sheering winds, rainfall, and caustic agents such as acids and greases. PVC is also fire resistant, which means that if your building caught fire, the material would slow down its progression. It is durable and effective, lasting up to 25 years and our commercial roofing Houston TX staff is glad to source and install it for you.

TPO Roofing

TPO, or Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is almost the most popular commercial roofing material, taking up about 40% of the market today. TPO is a single-ply rubber roofing membrane that is preferred by many businesses for its energy-saving abilities and 30 year life-span. Its brilliance comes from its ability to reflect most of the sun’s energy, thus keeping the building cool. It comes in sheets of varying dimensions and colors, and our commercial roofing contractors Houston are ready to discuss TPO roofing with you and determine whether your building is a perfect fit for it.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM, like TPO, is another single-ply rubber roofing membrane that differs from TPO only in chemical structure and reflectivity. EPDM comes in white and black sheets, which limits its color range. However, like TPO, it brings durability, resistance to water and fire, plus remarkable energy-saving properties. EPDM is an excellent long term option (upt to 50 years) for buildings requiring temperature control.

Infrared Thermography

What Is It

Infrared Thermology uses specialty drones and equipment to survey the roofing system with accuracy. The inspection will produce a lot of images that show where any moisture is within the existing roof. The highly trained technician will then read the images and relay the information to the customer so that they will have a clear understanding of their roofing needs. This allows the customer to make a decision based on facts and not guesswork.

Why It's Necessary

Commercial roof leaks can be tricky business and extremely difficult to identify because water can travel 20+ feet from the original location of the leak and appear in a completely different location inside the building. In addition to the challenge of locating intrusion points, leaking areas aren’t always visible to the naked eye leaving roofers to guess where the leak originated. 

infared thermography for houston commercial roofing inspections

How It Works

When moisture finds a point of entry to a roof’s surface, it begins to penetrate the layers of insulation under the roof. When this happens, a unique signature is created which can be detected by infrared imaging.

During the day, the sun not only heats the roof but the moisture trapped below as well. And once the sun sets, the temperature of the roof begins to cool but the moisture trapped inside will retain it’s heat for a longer period of time.

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