Commercial Roof Restoration

Let Our Commercial Roofing Contractors Houston Restore Your Roof

One of the most inconvenient events for building owners would be the failure of the roof. A failing roof predisposes the building itself and the business assets inside to irreparable damage during the wet season, not to mention the implication on power bills due to poor reflectivity. Repairing a roof also costs thousands of dollars. However, these implications and hefty costs do not take away your responsibility as the business owner to repair the roof, as you could face even more serious losses if you waited too long to repair it.

Commercial roof restoration is the best technique today to repair a leaking roof. First, it is highly cost-effective, thus allowing you to stop the water infiltration and headaches without breaking your bank account. Thanks to this process, you do not have to spend money to acquire and install new roofing materials in a complete roof replacement, especially if the damage is minimal.

Leaking water and debris will definitely break your account, which is why calling in a professional commercial roof restoration company is important as soon as you spot the signs of roofing system failure. Our commercial roofing Houston TX company, has been in the roofing industry for years and is equipped to offer the best commercial roofing restoration services in Houston. We have experience and the know-how to restore all kinds of roofing materials at a competitive rate.

Why you should consider having your roof restored

It extends the life of your roof- In addition to reducing the cost strain of repairing your roof, a properly done roof restoration will significantly extend your roof’s life.  The elastomeric layer is known to last indefinitely and is completely resistant to strain due to UV energy and other weather elements. Since it is liquid-applied, it does not tamper with the material below it, which minimizes the risk of destroying your roofing system.

Energy efficiency- The elastomeric layer reflects 98% of the sun’s energy, thus preventing the excess heat from entering your building and straining your AC.

Environmentally friendly- Replacing your roof will mean the loss of your roofing system and insulation, all of which will end up in a landfill. Restoration will use the roofing system you already have in place.

For your building’s safety- A damaged roof can be especially dangerous if you have employees working inside. Water leakages can cause falls or electric shock. As the damage escalates, pests can build nests and spread diseases throughout the building, which will become a public health problem.

To boost aesthetics- A commercial building needs to appeal to its visitors, and nothing is worse than a roof full of blisters, punctures, or peeling paint. Our commercial roof restoration process will ensure that your roof not only does its job of protecting you from the elements but also appeals to clients, staff, and other stakeholders visiting your premises.

To reduce the strain on your building- Unlike replacement, where your entire roof will be pulled apart then put back together in days of construction work, restoration involves only applying a top layer. This lower strain can be valuable for a commercial roof with additional weight on it.

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If your roof needs to be restored, call our qualified Dallas commercial roofing company immediately to fix it. We restore all kinds of commercial roofs, including metal, modified bitumen, EPDM and TPO, PVC, and built-up roofing. The worse the damage gets, the more extensive the damage will get, which means more expenses and the risk that you will have to replace your roof, insulation, deck, and other structures. To determine whether our firm is a good fit for your commercial roof restoration needs, call our customer support desk today.