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Commercial Metal Roofing: For Low Life-Cycle Costs and Durability

Commercial metal roofing is currently a viable option for almost all business buildings, except the structures with extremely flat roof pitches. Some of the modern types of metal roofs are unique and look like the traditional asphalt shingle roofing system. So, you are spoilt for choices.

All metal roofs have a long lifespan and are easy maintenance. If you are trying to figure out the type of metal roof most suitable for your needs and have the least maintenance needs, KSI Commercial Roofing Houston can help. We have extensive experience in the commercial roofing industry and have installed all the popular types of metal roofing.

Your Top Commercial Metal Roofing Options

There are plenty of metal roofing Houston Texas options in the marketplace today. All of them are durable. But we have seen over time that well-maintained metal roofs last much longer than rubber roofs. If you require the most durable metal roofing systems, you should consider the following options:

R-Panel Metal Roof- Manufacturers build these roofs with interconnected metal panels that are 36 inches wide. They feature overlapping seams that are designed to limit water infiltration. Expert roofers, however, say that the exposed fasteners can be the point of weakness. Even though these types of metal roofing typically last for approximately 40 years, the seams and screws can start to leak at the 15-year mark, depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the maintenance schedule. If you hesitate to repair the exposed parts, corrosion can set in and begin to destroy them. That can also allow water infiltration across your commercial metal roofing system.

At KSI Commercial Roofing Houston, we restore these metal roofs’ lifespan by applying a unique restoration system. It strengthens the weakest parts. We also coat the exposed areas, caulk all fasteners, and paint the roof white.  

Standing Seam Roof- The standing seam roof has seams that are placed at the highest point. Due to this feature, there is limited water infiltration, which makes them safe. Of course, this is one of the main reasons behind the soaring popularity of standing seam roofs in the commercial roofing industry.

The design future also means that standing seam roof has an incredibly long lifespan. But this roofing type also has some weakness that can allow water infiltration if you fail to protect it adequately. The fact that a standing seam metal roof is built using an uncoated panel means that it can get destroyed after a while. If the roof is exposed to the elements for a few years, the metals can easily rust and pit, especially if your area is receiving acidic rain. 

Moreover, installing this metal roofing takes a lot of time, making it more expensive to install or replace.

Other common types of metal roofing are:

  • Batten panel
  • Double rib
  • Bermuda panel
  • Metal Spanish tile
  • Metal S tile

Metal Roof Restoration Solutions

Replacing standing seam and the other metal roofing types is costly. Our professionals often recommend roof restoration to most business owners who want to reduce costs without compromising the quality of their buildings.  

For a standing seam, the best restoration solution involves doing the following:

  • Washing the roof
  • Caulking all fasteners and seams
  • Adding the appropriate coating

The white coating is often the most desirable. It makes the roof energy-efficient and reflective. It is often the easiest way to add between 10 and 20 years onto the roof’s lifespan and helps you to save up 40% on energy cost.

We design Houston metal roofing  solutions depending on the type of metal roof that your commercial property has. Whether you know which of the roofing styles you have, our team can still help you. We can assess the roof and perform all the necessary replacements, restoration, or repairs.

A Trusted Metal Roof Installation Service

Successful metal installation requires experienced and knowledgeable commercial roofing contractors. These roofs are susceptible to thermal expansion, which means an inexperienced contractor who does not understand this can reduce the roof’s lifespan. The expansion and contraction often lead to tear and wear. Leaving of exposed parts also allows rusting, which can cause leaks after a short period. Whether you have a complex metal roof system or a simple one, you need careful craftsmanship.

To avoid leaks and other major problems, choose a seasoned contractor that is licensed and insured, experienced in working with insurance companies, and have successfully installed your type of metal roof in your region. For any commercial metal roofing service, KSI Commercial Roofing Houston is ready to serve you. We offer free estimates and quality roofing services.

With our decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing metals roofs in Houston, you can trust us with your next project. Call us today.