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Replacing Your Commercial Roof

With the seasons coming and going rapidly, it is crucial that you, as a commercial business owner, be on the lookout for signs of damage. Taking a proactive approach for a structure as sensitive as your roof is critical to keeping your business inventory and employees safe, not to mention avoiding the surprise heft costs of roof damage. You could also avoid massive damages in equipment loss and downtime as you scramble resources to clean up and get your business up and running. You must, therefore, keep a close look on your commercial building’s roof. Also, take immediate action in case you notice the following signs that it needs immediate replacement:

Does your commercial roof really need replacement?

Roof replacement is a major undertaking as it will consume resources and time. It is not always that your commercial roof will need replacing. Our Dallas commercial roofing company, KSI roofing, provides a whole host of other roofing services that can help bring your roof to optimal functioning condition, including restoration, recovering, coating, and repairs. A roof recovering is suitable for leaky roofs that can support a second layer and do not have extensive water damage. Restoration is an even more cost-effective solution with remarkable results that lets you repair your roof while improving its energy-efficiency and durability. The restoration process is as simple as adding a silicon layer on it, which boosts water-resistance and protection from the elements. Repairs are more targeted solutions, in which our Dallas commercial roofing team of roofing experts will assess your roof and identify the best repair option for your building.

Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacement

Severe water damage- If you notice damp patches on your ceiling or water streaming down on surfaces and along walls in the upper floors, your roof requires the attention of a flat roof replacement Houston professional. However, water leaks are barely noticeable in most commercial roofing systems, which means that you need to look for other signs of water infiltration. These include a musty smell in the upper floors, mold and mildew, and damage to items stored in the attic, if your building has one. This kind of severe damage can only be resolved through roof replacement. Frequent maintenance and checks can prevent the kind of extreme damage that necessitates a complete re-roof.

Extensive membrane damage- If you have a TPO, PVC, or EPDM membrane roof, you can easily have the damage repaired or have the roof recovered. Our flat roof replacement Houston team uses infrared thermography equipment to determine the extent of water damage. If it is above 25%, the water has probably already seeped through to your insulation and roof deck. The entire system needs to be replaced to ensure that the deck and insulation are also inspected and replaced.

If you have had additional action taken- If your roof has already gone through extensive repairs, such as roof recovering with a new PVC or TPO membrane or restoration with an elastomeric membrane, but is still failing, you need to have the whole system removed. Roofing systems that are already in two layers can no longer be repaired or restored as it will only consume more funds at the risk of water damage once more. Save yourself the apprehension, inconvenience, and cost of frequent repairs by scheduling a roof replacement with our commercial roof replacement Houston company.

If your roof has already reached its lifespan- If your roof is older than 25 years, it probably has started showing signs of extensive damage. These can include blisters or bubbles, which form when water seeps through under the membrane and evaporates, leaving air behind in the spaces, visible punctures, or high energy bills. Repairing an old roof will eventually be too expensive and unsustainable, which is why you should consider scheduling a total roof replacement. A roof that has passed its lifespan is probably also having peeled paint, which may not be a pleasant sight. By replacing your roof, you get an opportunity to get a shiny new roof that will give your visitors ad clients a great first impression.

Clogged drains- If there have been heavy rains and the amount of water coming down the downspouts does not seem to measure up to the storm intensity, then you may have a failing roof. Either the remaining water is pooling on the roof or sagging areas, underneath the roofing material, or seeping under the roof into your building, where it is causing slow damage. If your drains are clogged, they may also be preventing the rainwater from passing through, making it pool on the roof.

Sagging and buckling- A heavy snowstorm can cause snow to accumulate on the roof, and the extra weight may make your roof buckle. You may also notice pools of water if your roof’s drainage system is blocked, which will add stress to your roof. You also want to look out for pools of water from heavy rain that stay long after the storm has passed. These pools, or slow-melting snow, can cause widespread buckling that is dangerous to your building, thus requiring immediate roof replacement.

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Depending on the roof’s age and extent of damage, your roof may or may not need replacing. Consider getting a professional commercial roof replacement Houston company to assess your premises. KSI roofing is a licensed roofing contractor that will determine the best cause of action and execute it at an affordable rate. Call us today for a free quote and more information.