Commercial Roof Recover

Recovering a Commercial Roof

If your roof is starting to show signs of failure, you are bound to become apprehensive. Roof damage means that with every storm, your business assets, employees, and inventory are at risk of water damage and the inconvenience of cleaning up or determining the extent of damage caused. Even though you often inspect your roof and patch up any mild damage, you may not be able to catch all the signs, and before you know it, you will be forced to come up with thousands of dollars by surprise to fix the damage. A roof that is not repaired on time opens up your building to severe water damage, which will destroy your insulation, roof deck, walls, and even your foundation if it goes unchecked.

Avoid these problems, especially during the rainy season, by having commercial roofing contractors Houston visit your premises and analyze the situation. We at KSI roofing have highly qualified roofing crews with years of experience in the industry and everything required to return your roof to full function. Whether you have a flat roof, a mildly sloping one or a high-slope roof, we will use top of the range equipment and methods to ensure that your building’s roof is restored.

What is Commercial Roof Recovering?

Roof recovering is an approach used by Houston commercial roofing professionals to repair a roof that is damaged but can support a second layer’s weight. If your commercial building has a tar and gravel, built-up roofing system (BUR), TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, or asphalt roof that is leaking heavily, it will benefit significantly from recovering. The process involves adding a layer of TPO or PVC on top of the existing roof. Both TPO and PVC are single-ply membranes, which means that they are lightweight and impervious and will not only reduce the strain on your building but also increase its functions.

When Can Your Roof Be Recovered?

Unfortunately, not all roofs are eligible for recovering. If your roof has two layers already, then the better choice will be to have it replaced to avoid further damage. Recovering is only done on substrates that are in relatively good condition, and if your roof is waterlogged or severely damaged, replacement is the only option. Our Houston commercial roofing team has infrared thermography equipment that can be used to determine the extent of the damage. If your insulation is wet or roof deck unsound, your entire roof will have to be removed for them to be replaced.

Advantages of Recovering Your Roof

It will save you money- When your roof is damaged, you probably worry about the cost implication of getting it fixed. Replacing your roof will be incredibly costly, factoring in the cost of the new material and labor to tear off and put in a new roof. Fortunately, with roof recovering, you do not have to incur thousands of dollars for an unscheduled construction project. All you will need is the adhesives or hot air gun plus the recovering material, which will be cheaper.

It is an environmentally friendly option-Removing your entire roof will mean loads of material, insulation, and deck torn off and thrown into the landfills. Your insulation may be made of recycled material, but your roofing material isn’t, and these polymers have a profound effect on the environment. Choosing to leave your roof in and have another layer on top is an eco-friendly choice if the option is available.

Recovering is less time consuming-The work of removing and replacing your roofing material, vapor barriers, insulation, and flashing, especially when it is unscheduled, can cause the inconvenience of disruption, which you want to avoid as a business. KSI roofing understands the importance of getting back to business as soon as possible, which is why our commercial roofing contractors Houston shall take the shortest time possible without compromising on workmanship and results.

For aesthetic purposes-Roof recovering is one method that guarantees you a better-looking roof. As a commercial building owner, you want all your visitors, especially your clients, to have a good impression as soon as they set their eyes on it. A roof with peeling paint, rust, or visible water damage can be bad for business. However, the PVC or TPO covering comes with varying light colors, and you can rely on them to give your building a facelift while protecting it from water damage.

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