Infrared Thermography Houston

Infrared Thermography: KSI Commercial Roofing Houston

The commercial roofing industry had been suffering due to the inability to detect roof leaks in time over the years. But since the discovery of the infrared thermograph technology, things are no longer the same again. KSI Commercial Roofing Houston offers this invaluable service. If you partner with us today, you will minimize roof leaks or costly roof repairs.

How Infrared Thermal Roof Scan Works

The rays of the sun radiate solar energy onto your commercial roof during the day. At night, the roof acts as the moon. It radiates that energy into the outer space through a process called radiation cooling. The parts of your roof that are wet retain the heat for a more extended period than the others. Infrared imagers can detect the heat. Through this, KSI Commercial Roofing Houston detects roof leaks in time. 

Why Use Our Thermal Imaging

Safety- Here at KSI Commercial Roofing Houston, we prioritize safety. We ensure our staff and our customers are always secure.

 If water is trapped in the roof system that no one can see, the roof decks rot and rust. This is likely to pose serious safety issues for everyone, especially the workers who walk on the roof surface. So, we use infrared imaging to ensure your roof systems remain useful and never pose a danger.  

Business Continuity- Thermal imaging protects more than just your roof. The water intrusion is likely to cause adverse interior damage. This can impact essential mechanical and electrical systems in the buildings. The leaks can also damage your inventory and stop your business operations. With an infrared thermograph, you can mitigate all these forms of damage. 

Of course, you need an experienced roofing company, like KSI Commercial Roofing Houston, to reap this benefit. 

Cost Savings- KSI Commercial Roofing Houston also recommends infracted thermography due to its cost-efficiency. Replacing commercial roofs costs a lot of money. If you schedule regular infrared scanning, you monitor your roof’s health and can address any emerging issues at the right time. This way, you save on repairs and other related costs.

Roof Warranty Protection- Many roofing manufacturers in Houston and other parts of the US offer valuable roof warranty. But if you fail to take proper care of your roof, you are less likely to benefit from your warrant. Fortunately for you, KSI Commercial Roofing Houston offers regular thermal imaging to preserve your roof’s value. Most of the manufacturers understand the benefits of this technology. For that matter, through this service, we help you to enjoy roof warranty protection.  

Thermal Roof Inspection Limitations

As useful as an infrared thermograph is, it has some limitations. The difference in roof systems, variations in weather patterns, and technical issues can render the scans ineffective. This means you need the service of a certified roofer to ensure useful thermal scans. As for KSI Commercial Roofing Houston, we are proud to be the leading provider of thermal roof scanning service in the region, and many of our past clients are also happy with our service. 

If you need professional help to detect roof leaks, contact us today.