Flat Roof Repair Houston

Repairing Your Commercial Roof

Like any other structure on your commercial building, your roof is bound to show signs of wear and tear. You should especially lookout for these, as if they progress, the risk of a disaster, irreparable damage, or massive losses will increase significantly. However, even with the closest regular inspections and maintenance, the stress from the elements, debris, and weight of items on the roof can eventually get to the material.

Choose to have a professional to repair your flat roof

Many commercial building owners do not hesitate to bring in professionals to fix their HVAC, appliances, foundations, and other important aspects. However, they often neglect their roof, having the company handyman climb up and use adhesive to correct the problems. However, this approach could not be more wrong, as the roof is a very sensitive part of the building. Our crews have years of experience and the knowhow to get your roof repaired once and for all. We adhere to strict safety measures to minimize the risk of any incidents and use quality materials to correct any flaws your commercial building’s roof may have. We are a highly reputed commercial roofing company, and with us, you can be sure that your building is in safe hands. We use the best procedures in the industry to ensure protection for your people, inventory, and other assets in your building.

Signs that your roof needs urgent repair

A rise in your power bills- Most commercial roofing materials are built with energy efficiency in mind, with most of them reflecting up to 98% of the sun’s UV energy. This high reflectivity should reduce the load on your HVAC by keeping your building cool. If this is not happening, then your roofing system might be failing, and our able commercial roofing Houston crew can quickly determine the reason.

Gaps among the seams- If you have a PVC, TPO, or EPDM roof, you may have noticed the crew install it using adhesives or hot air guns. However, if the roof is subjected to excessive stress, debris, strong winds, or in case your roof is aging, then you may notice the seams starting to come apart. While these seams are usually robust, a poor installation may also be the cause for their failure, and you are at risk of water infiltration and pooling. Have a commercial roofing professional fix these seams as soon as possible to avoid serious damage, such as waterlogged insulation or rusty roof decks.

Buckling- A heavy snowstorm, winds, or rain can leave your roof with a dent or make it sag, which is a sign of stress in the whole structure. Any movement or rolling heavy objects on the roof can also cause the roof to buckle under the strain.  A professional inspection should reveal the best method of repair for the damage as well as what to avoid doing to avoid future problems.

Bubbles on the roof- If you have a single-ply membrane roof such as TPO, blisters or bubbles may crop up as a sign of water infiltration. These blisters are a sign that water has seeped underneath the membrane, and after exposure to the sun’s heat, the water evaporated, leaving air that shows as the blisters. Having a flat roof repair Houston professional take a look at the roof should determine where the water seeped through from accurately, reinforce the seams, and patch up any tears or punctures.

Leaks in the roof- Water in your building after a storm is a less subtle sign that your roof is failing, and if you find wetness in the interior, you need to take action immediately. What starts as a small drip will eventually become a steady stream of water that endangers your people due to the risk of electric shocks and slips. The larger the punctures on your roof become, the more the debris and pests that find their way into the building. Continuous leaks will soon allow the growth of mold and mildew in the building, which will mean even more costs and the overwhelming smell of dampness.

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Depending on the kind and extent of damage we find, we can either use industrial sealing agents, hot air guns, or additional roofing materials to correct the problem we find. However, damage that is too extensive, such as waterlogged insulation and an unstable roof deck will require a full replacement, which we can also offer. Call our dedicated customer support desk for a free quote and more information.