Houston Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services

Every building deserves a good roof to protect it from the elements, and the same could not be more accurate for your commercial building. Whether you are leasing it out to other businesses, or it serves as a warehouse, factory, or business premises, you need a roof that is dependable, durable, and safe for the people and assets within. If you are looking for high-quality commercial roofing Houston services, look no further than KSI roofing.

Our company has existed for years and has a host of happy customers throughout Texas. We exist to provide excellent roofing services to clients in Houston, with our main objective being to exceed your expectations while providing value for your money.

Why Our Commercial Roofing Contractors in Houston Are The Top Choice

KSI is a licensed roofing contractor

Our license is proof that we are a legitimate business with a strong value system and consideration for our customers. In addition to meeting the licensing requirement, we are also well-versed with the building codes in Houston and the state of Texas. Therefore, you can rest assured that the roof we install for you or any repairs, replacements, or recovering will meet all the safety regulations imposed by the state.

We have a strong reputation in Houston

If you are looking for commercial roofing services in Dallas, you can rely on our company to deliver value for your money and excellent results. By choosing a local commercial roofing Houston TX contractor like us, you can be confident that our work will meet all local and state regulations as we are well aware of them. You will also be assured that your premises are in safe hands.

We are backed by a strong insurer

Without insurance, your company becomes liable for any accidents or damage that may occur during the construction. All roofing contractors that value their clients and crews have insurance policies to protect against third-party property damage and workmen’s compensation. With our commercial roofing Dallas company, you will not have to worry about any incidents that may occur in the course of construction because our insurance partners have got you covered.

Our commercial roofing Dallas TX company values communication

We understand the role that communication between contractors and clients plays in ensuring the success of any project. Nothing stalls a project or infuriates customers faster than long hold times, poor response to emails, voice prompts, or bad customer support. KSI roofing is ready to keep communication lines open for queries, clarifications, and suggestions regarding your roofing project. Our Dallas commercial roofing firm is responsible and customer-oriented, and we will be glad to hear your thoughts and give you frequent updates regarding your project as soon as you need them.

We provide customer-friendly warranties

Like any other contractor that is confident in the value and quality of their work, we are willing to back our work with a warranty. Our warranty allows you to call us in the case of any incident involving your newly installed roof, and our crews will be on-site as soon as possible. Our technicians will inspect and troubleshoot the roof and propose the best way forward to restore your peace of mind and protection at no extra cost.

We provide free quotes

Our Dallas commercial roofing company promotes transparency by providing free quotes and written estimates. All our clients can visit our company premises for additional details regarding their contracts, fees, and other payments to ensure you make an informed hiring choice. Our priority is to provide quality services rather than close a sale, making us a better, more reliable commercial roofing partner

Services We Provide

Commercial roof installation

If you have a brand new industrial complex, block of offices, or any other form of commercial real estate, call us to install the roof for you. We provide roofing solutions that fit your building specifications, load requirements, and other conditions, including energy efficiency, building ownership, aesthetics, and additional factors.

Systems to choose from

Built-up roofing, commonly abbreviated as BUR, is the most common roofing system on flat roofs having a lot of foot traffic. As its name suggests, the system is ‘built-up’ using layers for bitumen and reinforcing felt, then topped up with a layer of mineral granules, gravel, or stone. BUR is also among the older roofing systems and should last between 30-40 years. In addition to a relatively long lifespan, BUR offers excellent resistance towards water and the sun’s energy.

EPDM and TPO are rather similar, in that they are both single-ply rubber membranes. However, they differ in chemical structure, energy-efficiency, and color diversity. EPDM is only available in black and white, but its compatibility with poly-iso insulation makes it a robust energy-saving roofing system. EPDM is popular with people hoping to build garden roofs as it is highly resistant to water, chemical agents, and drastic temperature changes. EPDM is an excellent choice for a building owner looking for strength, durability, energy efficiency, and flexibility.

Commercial metal roofing has been around for over 200 years, before the advent of systems like TPO and EPDM. It suits a wide variety of climates, and with a durability of 40-50 years, it is easy to see why metal is the standard commercial roofing material. Our commercial roofing Houston TX staff is uniquely qualified to install metal roofing for your building while considering ventilation, water shields, and the roof slope for optimal roof function. If you have a low-high slope roof, call us today to source and install high-quality metal roofing for your building.

Modified bitumen does not differ much from BUR, only that the bitumen, in this case, is modified with a polymer such as styrene butadiene styrene or atactic polypropylene to improve its roofing properties. Modified bitumen offers strength, durability, and resistance to water for flat roofs.

PVC is another popular membrane roofing material, preferred for providing building owners with resistance to strong winds and shearing forces that can cause tearing, and caustic agents. PVC roofs are engineered for robustness, with a strength of 350 PSI, which is higher than the American Society of Testing and Materials threshold of 200PSI. Thanks to its light color, it has a high reflectivity. Its hot-air welded seams give it better resistance to water compared to systems that rely on adhesives. PVC also provides a relatively long and maintenance-free life of 20-25 years.

TPO is among the most popular options for business owners looking for energy efficiency, durability, and ease of fabrication at a reduced cost. In addition to offering consultation services regarding TPO and other rubber membrane roofing systems, we shall also source them and complementary materials from trustworthy suppliers. TPO obtained from reputable brands is known to lower energy bills significantly due to its high reflectivity of the sun’s rays.

TPO is also available in colors such as blue and red, in addition to white for aesthetics, and is adhered to the surface using a hot air gun, making the seams durable and water-tight. It also has Class-A fire resistance in addition to water resistance, making it a good roofing material choice.

Commercial flat roof repair Houston

It is only natural for a roof to start showing signs of damage due to continuous exposure to the elements and other factors. You should have a professional flat roof repair Houston contractor inspect the roof and make the right recommendation as soon as you notice signs of roof failure before he damage escalates and destroys your inventory. From loose fasteners and seems, pools of water, wetness within the building, and blisters, our crews are ready to visit your premises to fix the problem and restore your peace of mind.

Commercial flat roof replacement Houston

If your roof has already consumed thousands of dollars worth in repairs and restoration, it is time you consider replacing it. Replacement is also highly recommended for roofs that have exceeded their lifespan to save money in the long run. A roof that is buckling, leaking water uncontrollably, or is no longer able to keep your power bills down also needs replacing.

Our flat roof Houston replacement company will evaluate your premises and work with you to make the roof replacement as quick and seamless as possible. We understand the need to minimize the disruption to your workflow and will save you time and money as we work.

Call us today for a free quote!

The best way to make a choice among the many roofing contractors in the market is by having all the information you need, and we at KSI roofing are happy to provide you with it. Call our dedicated customer support line today for a written quote, as well as a full brief on the services we offer. As our potential client, our priority will be to give you the information you need to determine whether we are the best fit for your project and go ahead to deliver beyond your expectations.