Hot Tar Roof

Hot Tar Roofing Contractors in Houston

Hot tar roofing is popular in Houston due to its ability to reduce energy costs, decrease the demand for routine maintenance, and eliminate the adverse impact of ultraviolet radiation. Professional commercial roofing contractors Houston TX use torches to design watertight layers that can serve you for over 35 years. Depending on your unique requirements, you can also add fire-resistant coatings and a layer made up of minerals that increase the grip of the hot tar roofs surface. The sheets are strong and enable the roof to withstand hail and fast-moving winds. Are you looking for a durable and fuss-free roofing system? As you can see, you have all the reasons to consider hot tar roofing.

Best Way to Install Hot Tar Roofs

Step 1: Prepare for Emergencies

If you are an expert roofer, you have to train your team of workers in first aid. You should also have access to cold water on the site to help in case of burns. Whenever tar comes into contact with the skin, it solidifies. The best way to remove the material is to keep it submerged in water.

To avoid the risk of fire and explosion, you will need to keep your tar kettle 25 degrees or more below the flashpoint. Besides, flammable objects like wooden tools and rags will need to be far from the kettle. Your kettle will also need to be far away from plants and grass.

Your personal security is also essential. Ensure you have heat resistant-gloves, comfortable clothes, shoes, and safety goggles to protect yourself from burns.

Step 2: Estimate the Required Tar Amount

Measure the roof’s dimension and use the findings to estimate the amount of hot tar that you will need. In many cases, people use asphalt roofing tar, but you may need coal tar bitumen if your hot tar roof is significantly slanted with slopes and eaves. You can also collaborate with other experts if you need some help.

Step 3: Create Base Layer

Nail a coating on the roofing system to create the base layer. The best coatings to use are asphalt, elastomeric, or aluminized asphalt. Your coating should be based on the roof’s shape and the prevailing weather conditions. For a little extra, you can gravel-embed the coating to make it work as a buffer between the tar and the roof. This is the most suitable way of protecting your roof from intense heat.

Step 4: Transport the Tar

 If you have a large roofing project, the material can be poured from a truck’s pipes. For small projects, you can use a steel bucket to transport tar to and from your roof. To be safe, make the bucket ¾ full.

Step 5: Pour Hot Tar

Start pouring the hot tar from the furthest corner. Push the tar in smooth strokes using a fiberglass mop. Cover all the areas. Besides, be sure to keep all the layers thin. Also, ensure that the hot tar does not clump in a single section of the roof, as you roll. Carefully lay tar paper and make not less than three layers.

Remember, the installation process of hot tar roofs requires the service of an expert. If you are one, you will appreciate that these tips make it is easy to do the work. Typically, for every 200 square feet, professional roofers apply about 30 pounds of hot tar.

Easy Routine Maintenance of Hot Tar Roofs

Hot tar roofing has significantly fewer maintenance requirements than others. However, with time, you are likely going to need to repair tiny blisters. Trapped airs that exist below the surface of the roof’s layers precipitate these roofing issues. To be able to eliminate the blisters, contractors install additional felt.

Energy Efficiency of Hot Tar Roofing

The hot tar roofing’s multi-layers successfully prevent too much heat from penetrating the commercial facility. At the same time, it ensures that warmth does not escape from the structure. As such, the roofing system helps to reduce the cooling cost during the summer. Also, it can reduce the heating cost of commercial buildings during the winter.

Reach Out to Commercial Roofing Contractors Houston TX

If you are a resident of Houston and its environs and require professional help installing your hot tar roof, reach out to the commercial roofing contractors Houston TX at KSI Commercial Roofing Houston. With several years of experience in commercial roofing, this is a reputable company that you can trust with your hot tar roofing needs. We are committed to offering quality services, free estimates, and a reassuring warranty. For more information, please feel to email and call us right away. We are looking forward to serving you.