Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractor Houston

Modified bitumen roof systems are a solution for Houston businesses looking for durable systems that provide exceptionally valuable fire-resistant and weathering qualities. Business owners have used them in Europe since the 1960s. The commercial roofing system became popular in the United States in the 1970s.

KSI Commercial Roofing Houston offers a wide assortment of modified bitumen roofing styles that meet our esteemed customers’ varied needs in the region. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of performance options that successfully help to reduce your energy bills. With years of experience providing the service (installing, repairing, and maintaining modified bitumen roofing systems), our team of professionals ensures high quality and longevity for commercial buildings of all sizes.

What Makes Modified Bitumen Roof Systems Highly Beneficial

As its name suggests, modified bitumen is created by modifying asphalt to make it incredibly long-lasting and durable. Manufacturers use plastic (APP) and rubber (SBS) to modify asphalt and come up with the material that has high-performance roof membranes.

The fact that modified bitumen has been used in the US commercial roofing industry for more than 50 years makes it one of the most tried-and-tested solutions. The residents of Houston have the first-hand experience handling these advanced roofing systems.

Many business owners see modified bitumen as the perfect alternative to the traditional built-up roofing systems. Here are the main characteristics that make a modified bitumen roof stand out from the crowd:

  • Excellent fire-resistant properties
  • Outstanding weathering qualities
  • The exceptional ability to withstand huge variations in temperature
  • Ease of handling
  • Impact resistance
  • Great flexibility
  • An average lifespan of 20 years
  • System compatibility

If you are looking for commercial roofing in Houston that you can install with the common torch methods, modified bitumen meets this need. Expert contractors in the city can melt the seam together for seamless roofing systems that are designed to stop leaks.

APP Bitumen and SBS Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

APP modified bitumen have membranes that self-adhere whenever expert roofers heat them using a roofing torch. The professionals are also able to formulate SBS modified bitumen membranes for the application of torch. But in most cases, contractors apply SBS modified bitumen using cold adhesive or hot asphalt. These techniques guarantee you a kind of BUR roofing system with exceptionally enhance performance capabilities.  

Due to the latest technology, you can also find self-adhering SBS modified bitumen membranes. But like other coating solutions, modified bitumen coating can get cracked or be punctured. That is never a reason for stopping to invest in a commercial modified bitumen roof. They can be repaired.

Repairing Modified Bitumen Roofs

Here at KSI Commercial Roofing Houston, we follow these steps to repair these rooftops:

Step 1: Establish the Extent of Damage

 We take time to determine whether moisture has entered into the asphalt layer. If so, we also assess the roofing system to establish the exact amount of water that has entered, and the subsequent damage caused. Our experts replace all the lower-level deck material or the insulation if moisture damage has occurred.

Step 2: Clean the Membrane

 We thoroughly clean the outer membrane. But we avoid power washing. 

This method can produce a lot of moisture, which can easily be trapped in the membrane.

Step 3: Handle Weathering

 In case of severe damage, the asphalt layer may also have weathered. We add a thick coating to the gaps and restore the layer’s original value.

Step 4: Patch the Membrane

We ensure that the roof is completely dry. Our experts find the patching process is relatively simple. The team applies a liquid rubber coating and reinforces it with a polyester membrane. A clean and dry paintbrush can be used to clean the membrane to remove all the pockets, blisters, and wrinkles.

Once all this is done, we seal the fabric by applying a layer of topcoat. This way, we prevent moisture from ever penetrating the roof again.

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