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R-panel Roof Repair

R-panel roof systems are robust, dependable, and can last upto 40 years with minimal maintenance if installed professionally. With various colors that reflect the sun, they are energy efficient, reducing the monthly energy consumption. Also, they are environmentally friendly since they are made from recycled materials.

During the life of the metal roofing system, several issues require maintenance which includes: –

  • Corrosion or rust which develops leading to potential failure
  • Fastener back outs which hold the seams and roof panels in place
  • The integrity of the roof damage, occasioned by debris and punctures or unsightly scratches from the weather
  • The aesthetic alteration, when paint wears out due to exposure to the elements of the weather

When faced with the above challenges, you must choose the best available option. Below are some of the options for the repair and maintenance of the R-Panel roofing system: –

  1. Silicon coating

A full silicone coating spray to the entire roof works well with panels. This method is effective if the panels have little or no rust, without any underlying internal gutter issues that require repairs.

The process

  • With this repair, seal all fasteners and seams with flashing grade silicon before applying a full silicon coat to the entire roofing system.
  • Since silicon spraying offers a tight waterproofing seal, it’s a good option for guarding against ponding water or other moisture issues.
  • Silicon coating protects the roof from the extreme elements and the UV light.
  • It’s challenging to use this option if the panels are heavily rusted because it can compromise the roofing integrity.
  1. TPO Retrofit

TPO Retrofit entails filling the metal pans with EPS flute filler insulation and installing a cover board and TPO directly into the metal purlins creating a new roof membrane.


  • It’s highly recommended for building movement and light rust corrosion
  • It does not work well when installing over heavily rusted panels, since it does not stop the process of rusting, which will ruin the roof’s integrity
  • The option can be effective in mitigating internal gutter leaks
  • It’s one of the most economical options
  1. Seam and Fastener Repair

The process includes replacing loosened fasteners and then covering each head with silicon flashing grade coating.


  • This is the least costly option, especially when you are on a budget
  • It requires routine maintenance to ensure that integrity is upheld
  • The option is not very effective against building movement and is ineffective in the protection of panels themselves
  1. Full Metal Replacement

This option includes a total removal of the entire metal roofing system and rebuilding it a fresh.


A full metal replacement of the whole roof is the most expensive option because you have to factor in the demolition and the reconstruction cost.

This option is recommended when panels are badly rusted, and there is a concern for the integrity of the roof structure.

Roof metal is very difficult to install, so you will require skilled labor, which pushes the cost even further.


When repairing your R-Panel roofing system, the kind of repair you deploy should be the best option for the problem at hand. Contracting qualified roofers for the job will help avoid roof replacement and save you a lot of money in the long run.

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